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Improving Online LeadGen for Inbound Phone Sales

Creating a “Closed Loop” Measurement System

Business Challenge

Although most leading-edge online marketers have implemented web metrics and other measurement techniques that gauge the effectiveness of their online activities, some businesses obtain their best customers through inbound phone calls.  The problem they face is how to tie that conversion back to the online marketing activities that led to the phone call.

Solution and Services Provided

The solution we provided for this client was to design and build a custom tracking system into their website that effectively tags every visitor to their site. Whether they had completed a self-identifying action on the site (filled in a webform) or not, a unique sequence number is assigned to the visitor and stored in their browser cookie. 

By studying the behavior of call-ins, we found that most callers were looking at the client’s website at the time of making the call.  By instructing the caller to mouse over an image on the client’s web page, a source key would be revealed that the sales rep could then use for pulling up the caller’s visit history.

For sensitive callers, or those not at their computer, the client’s sales rep also had the option to send a specially tagged email to the prospect with an offer that would bring them back to the website and allow the system to “close the loop” by tying the prospect’s earlier visit history back to their now-known identity.


By using this closed loop tagging system, the client is now able to know exactly which online marketing activities were leading to their most profitable deals.

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